Board of Directors

 James E. Giammaruti President
 Denise Cook, MS First Vice President
 Christopher M. Manchin, Esq. Vice President
 Teresa M. Metzler Treasurer
 Susan Beck Secretary
 Doug Hager Past President
 Angelina Banks
 Lindsay M. Galvan, CPA
 David I. Grunfeld, Esq.
 Brian Hanlon
 Jill McCormack
 Erik Schuster, MBA, CFP
 Steven J. Smith, MBA
 Christal West, LSW

Family Services is seeking qualified and committed individuals to join its Board of Directors.

Family Services delivers many innovative social programs that make a positive difference for more than 11,000 residents each year. Each board member plays an important role in providing the governance and support necessary to achieve Family Services' mission. Therefore, the board is committed to recruiting directors who will bring a diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, skills and resources to meet the ever-changing needs of Montgomery County’s communities. Key areas of experience include social services/counseling, business/non-profit strategy, budget/finance, and marketing/public relations.

Board meetings are held nine times a year with ongoing committee work held in between meetings. All volunteer board members must actively serve on one committee.

For more information, contact CEO Kelly Canally at

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