Father and son smiling in a meeting with son's teacher in active discussion.

Family Support

Alternative Response Housing Initiative

The Alternative Response Housing Initiative assists families in assessing their ongoing needs and provides support as they develop solutions to become self-sufficient. The Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth refers families who are facing financial hardships by providing diversionary, short-term case management services. For more information, please contact Eve Bieber at ebieber@fsmontco.org.

Family Reunification

Available to families whose children are placed in care with the Montgomery County Office of Children and Youth, intensive case management services are provided for birth parents in an effort to remedy the conditions that resulted in the placement. Parents are supported as they work toward their Family Service Plan goals to create a safe home environment to which their child can return. For more information, please contact Eve Bieber at ebieber@fsmontco.org.

Transitional Support

We provide transitional support to assist families with the adjustment of their children returning home after being placed in after foster care placement and to make the transition manageable for all involved. For more information, please contact Eve Bieber at ebieber@fsmontco.org.

Truancy Abatement Initiative

The Truancy Abatement Initiative promotes attendance and increases the graduation rates of youth through a variety of supportive services and community resources. We provide a mixture of parent education, family counseling, case management, and court-based assessments, to students in the Norristown School District under the age of 17 with more than seven absences from school. For more information, please contact Oglatha Ingram at oingram@fsmontco.org.

Youth Diversionary Case Management

Case management is provided for non-violent youth under the age of 18 who have committed a criminal offense. Support services and resources are made available to the youth and family to ensure their successful completion of the Youth Aid Panel or Juvenile Probation process. For more information, please contact Tanesha Outterbridge at toutterbridge@fsmontco.org.