Truancy Abatement Initiative

The Truancy Abatement Initiative provides case management services to reduce the causal factors of chronic unexcused absences from school. It is a collaborative partnership between schools, law enforcement, magisterial district courts, and public and private social service agencies.

Family Services serves as the lead agency, providing outreach workers who provide and/or coordinate the delivery of the following services:

  • Home and school visitation

  • Court-based assessments and referrals

  • Family therapy/counseling

  • Behavioral health services

  • Parent education

  • Alternative education programs

  • Tutoring services

Schools provide the student referrals, while the district judges provide an incentive for families to access the appropriate services in lieu of fines and penalties. Experience and best practice reviews have demonstrated that the use of district court is essential in encouraging resistant families to utilize services.

Currently, we are partnering with the Pottstown School District.

For more information on the Truancy Abatement Initiative, contact Oglatha S.P. Ingram at 610-326-1610 ext. 347 or

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