Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative (NVPI)

To prevent and reduce youth gang involvement and violence in Norristown.  
In 1987, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) began supporting a project to design a comprehensive approach to reduce and prevent youth gang violence. The primary focus of OJJDP’s anti-gang initiatives is to support community efforts to provide citizens, especially young people, with a safe and pro-social environment in which to live and grow. The Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative (NVPI) is a local replication of these efforts with support from the National Gang Center.

Gangs often lure youth with the promise of safety, belonging, economic opportunity, and a sense of identity. OJJDP and the NVPI is dedicated to helping communities replace this false promise with real opportunities for our youth.

Six Core Strategies

  1. Community Mobilization
    The Norristown Violence Prevention Initiative (NVPI) Coordinator works with community members to define problem areas and develop strategies to address the issues contributing to violence in Norristown.  

  2. Opportunities Provision
    The NVPI Coordinator works with the Montgomery County Workforce Investment Board and the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce to identify opportunities for youth who may not secure a high school diploma as a result of excessive truancy, discipline incidents, school failure, etc.  Job opportunities, apprenticeships and educational options will be explored for each youth to identify and develop a plan for success.  

  3. Social Intervention
    NVPI Street Outreach Workers work with the youth and their families to address social, emotional, education, job-related opportunities and provide information and referral. To make a referral to the NVPI Street Outreach Workers, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page.

  4. Suppression
    Glen Mills works closely with the Norristown Police Department and Montgomery County Juvenile Probation to monitor and supervise gang-involved and at-risk youth. They provide social opportunities and community service hours including graffiti clean-up.

  5. Organizational Change
    NVPI works with our partners in the community to change policies, procedures and practices to provide services to youth in innovative and more efficient ways.

  6. Assessment Activities
    NVPI is conducting an extensive assessment of gang and violence issues in the community to include archival data, surveys and focus groups.

NVPI is funded through a grant from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.

For more information on the NVPI, please contact:

Viviann Schorle, Coordinator, NVPI
610-630-2111 ext. 257
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NVPI Street Outreach Contacts

Justeix Collins-Cropper, Outreach Worker

Percy Jones, Outreach Worker

Hakim Jones, Community Liaison

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Greater Norristown Area
Under 18
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